Innov-X Canada provides full on-site non-destructive XRF and XRD material analysis testing services. Innov-X Canada has responded to this industry request by providing short term XRF/XRD testing services that include the latest high performance XRF/XRD Equipment and a Certified XRF/XRD Operator/Instructor. 

We understand that in certain circumstances that procurement or rental is just not justified or economical due to short term projects, emergency situations, immediate or intermittent requirements or lack of personnel. What ever the reason may be you are not longer restricted access to XRF/XRD testing capabilities by not owning or renting equipment.

Our team of trained XRF/XRD Operator/Instructors are prepared to test any type of sample for any application in any location or working environment. We are prepared for applications such as Positive Material Identification, Alloys & Metals, Petrochemical & Power, Precious Metals, Scrap & Recycling, Mining & Geochemistry, Oils & Concentrates, Aerospace & Aluminium, Environmental & Industrial Hygiene, Consumer Products Safety (including RoHS & WEEE), Archaemetry & Archaeology, Artifacts & Collectibles, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical, Government & Security, Lead Paint, Academics, R&D and more...

Our trained team of Operators/Instructors provide training and implementation so that you staff is prepared to understand XRF data, procedures and methodologies. In most cases we include a training segment in our testing services so that your staff can learn, comprehend and implement your own QA/QC testing protocols. Innov-X Canada also provides XRF certification training so that you can elect to become certified Operators of XRF equipment and test independently of Innov-X Canada. If longer term testing requirements arise this added value service trains your staff to rent or purchase for future testing needs.

All of our testing services are provided on request and come with a full data report package that outlines key testing information and data. This includes the equipment used, procedures and methodologies and XRF data in a comprehensible report format. It has never been easier to gain access and unlock the full potential of XRF and XRD analytical solutions. 

Please contact Innov-X Canada to learn more. 
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