GoldXpert Brochure

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Periodic Table of Detectable Elements

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Portable XRF for Positive Material Identification (PMI)

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Français2.1 Mb

Delta Handheld XRF: Consumer Goods

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Français1.3 Mb

Delta Handheld XRF: Scrap

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Delta Handheld XRF: Mining

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3.4 Mb

Delta Handheld XRF: Environmental

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X-5000 Mobile XRF

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Delta Handheld XRF: Alloy Limits of Detection

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Delta Handheld XRF for Scrap and Recycling

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Français3.7 Mb

Delta Handheld XRF: Limit of Detection

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Delta Handheld XRF: Environmental Datasheet

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Terra XRD

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FOX-IQ: Tube and Rod

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Français3.8 Mb

BTX Benchtop XRD

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X-Stream: Glass

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Delta Handheld XRF: Lead Paint

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Terra: Field Portable XRF/XRD

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