1. Complete, sign and forward the credit application (post, email, web, fax, in person).

2. We’ll process the application immediately and notify you upon approval.

3. Upon your acceptance of the terms & structure, we’ll prepare and send you the lease documents.

4. Once we have received signed documentation, we will confirm delivery of the equipment and pay the vendor.


Keep you Bank and Other Credit Lines Open 
  • Manage your resources with off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Leasing does not affect your Debt : Equity
Local Credit Approval 
  • Credit decisions are handled locally.  Decisions are made by people local to you.
  • You can talk to the people making the decisions!
Pay as you Earn Money with the Equipment  
  • Pay for the equipment with the profit it produces not your built up equity
  • Lease payments are fixed and therefore inflation proof
Overcome Budget Limitations 
  • Low monthly lease payments that will fit into your budget
Save Corporate Taxes 
  • The entire lease payments may be tax deductible.
Defer the GST / HST
  • The GST / HST is not paid up front but spread out over the term the lease.  The monthly GST / HST remains as an ITC for you.
  • You will benefit from any future GST / HST reductions.
Avoid Obsolete Equipment 
  • Trade up or upgrade your equipment at any time
Flexible Programs
  • Select the terms and payment options tailor made to fit your budget, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly
  • Ask us today about our STEP Programs (Letting the payments gradually increase to give you the opportunity to ramp up sales with your new equipment)
  • Is your business seasonal?  We offer both seasonal and true skip programs.

Financial Considerations 
  • Leasing requires little or no up-front cash versus a down payment in a loan 
  • Lessees can lower the cost even more by paying one or two advance deposits 
  • Whether zero, one or two down payments are used, leasing should result in lower monthly payments
  • Leasing comes out of the operating budget, making it possible for you to use the working capital budget for equipment purchases more central to your core product or service offering 
  • Leasing can be an additional source of capital for you 
  • Low, fixed-rate payments protect against inflation and enhance budget planning 
  • Leasing allows you to finance additional costs such as freight, installation, maintenance and extended warranties. 
Financial Reporting Reasons 
  • Leasing can be done Off-Balance Sheet 
  • Leasing improves earnings through lower rental payments 
  • Leasing can improve financial ratios 
  • Return on Assets is improved when the lease can be assessed as an operating expense 
  • Debt-to-Equity is not increased when Off-Balance Sheet financing is used, helping to maintain your borrowing capacity 
Tax Reasons 
  • Certain lease structures allow you to keep assets off your balance sheet, treating the equipment as a tax-deductible operating expense instead of a capital expenditure 
  • Other lease structures require you to capitalize the equipment on your balance sheet, helping you to take advantage of the tax benefits of ownership, such as interest and depreciation deductions 
  • If you are a capital-intensive business, leasing may help to avoid triggering the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), which can be increased by equipment ownership 
  • Lease payments are not considered adjustment items and do not increase AMT liability 
Technological Risk 
  • Leasing hedges against equipment obsolescence risk 
  • Leasing provides the ability to upgrade equipment as needs change 

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