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Alloy QA/QC
XRF analytical and positive material inspection (PMI) analyzers are vital for quality control and assurance in the metal manufacturing and fabrication industries. They are used for compositional analysis and alloy grade identification, from critical components to raw materials to welds.
Petrochemical and Power
Material tracking and confirmation is critical to the production and maintenance of petrochemical processing and power generation facilities. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are used for incoming material verification, safety assurance, PMI, and maintenance.
Precious Metals
XRF is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of chemistry analysis of precious metal samples and karating of gold. XRF analysis provides a cheaper, quicker and more accurate testing alternative to fire assay and chemical tests, and is ideal for pawn shops, cash-for-gold, jewelry manufacturing and more.
Scrap Recycling, Metal, 
Glass, & Plastic
Scrap refiners and recyclers need fast and accurate materials analysis and identification. Our portable and automated XRF analyzers sort scrap metal, plastics, and glass and offer precise, dependable compositional measurements faster than ever before, even for aluminums and light alloys.
Geochemistry & Mining
Geochemical exploration and mining require effective and accurate tools. Portable XRF and XRD analyzers provide real time quantitative data for immediate, on-location decision making. Reduce lab costs with on-site analysis.
Oil & Concentrate Analyses
Mobile, Benchtop, and On-line XRF are used for rapid, immediate analysis of sulfur, catfines, and wear metals in lubricating and fuel oils, as well as mercury and arsenic contamination in tank sludge. ASTM D4294 and ASTM D6481 compliant solutions.
Environmental & IH
When conducting environmental and industrial risk assessments such as site screening for heavy metal pollutants or monitoring contaminants in waste streams, use portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers for on-site, immediate access to accurate and reliable test results.
Consumer Product Safety
XRF analyzers facilitate consumer products safety through rapid toxic metals screening of toys, jewelry, clothing, consumer electronics and other commodities to gauge compliance with HR4040, CPSIA, RoHS, WEEE, and EN71-3 regulations. Immediate lead, cadmium, and halogen screening.
Archaeometry, Academics & R&D
On location elemental and mineralogical analysis for research requires immediate results when time is of the essence & materials cannot be transported, damaged, or altered. Portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray Diffraction can be used to enhance research and discovery at every level.
Pharmaceutical & 
XRD and XRF analysis can identify counterfeit drugs and hazardous compounds, control product recipes, monitor metal content, and facilitate on-site installation qualifications (IQ) and operational qualifications (OQ), verifying the traceability of alloy process components.
Government & Security
To help ensure import and border security for government agencies XRF and XRD analyzers can aid in a variety of uses - from WMD and non-proliferation inspections to FDA and CPSIA regulations compliance.

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