GoldXpert Precious Metals X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer

Nondestructive Precious Metals Assay and Karat ID

The Olympus Innov-X GoldXpert XRF analyzer is an easy-to‑use, cost-effective method to obtain alloy chemistry and karat classification with one nondestructive and nonintrusive test. 

XRF is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of chemistry analysis and karating of precious metals samples, including purity and fineness. XRF analysis provides a less expensive, quicker testing alternative to fire assay and chemical tests, and on-the-spot analysis of your silver, platinum, or other materials, making it an easy way to boost customer confidence and ensure dealer reliability. 

Given the current high value of gold, quantifying its fineness and purity is more critical than ever. Whether you buy gold, sell or produce jewelry, fabricate metal, or recycle scrap metal, you need a fast, highly accurate method to determine karatage (gold content) for quality control and pricing.

With the GoldXpert XRF Analyzer:

  • Price cash-for-gold pieces quickly and accurately
  • Identify and characterize a wide range of alloys including silver, platinum, and others
  • Identify poison elements in samples
  • Manage quality control of refining and melting operations

The GoldXpert Countertop XRF

The Compact Professional Precious Metals Testing Solution

The GoldXpert is designed to be compact, taking up minimal countertop space with an attractive design suitable for the showroom floor. It's an easy to use analyzer that gives karat and accurate compositional analysis results in seconds with just one push of a button. The testing chamber window and interior lighting allows continuous sample viewing for the utmost in customer security. And, the optional battery allows for testing on the road - take the GoldXpert with you to visit customers or vendors. In addition, the GoldXpert can also be networked for easy access to testing results as they are being generated. Quickly and easily create result certificates (with optional PC software).

  • Leaded glass viewing window - easily see sample in chamber
  • Integrated camera indicating sample analysis points
  • Safe -closed beam XRF system
  • Small spot collimation for analysis; ability to switch between 
    3-mm and 10-mm diameter spots with one push of a button
  • 4 W X-ray tube, 200 µA current (max), plus optimized beam settings for accurate analysis
  • Small desktop footprint: 
    10.5 in x 12.2 in x 13.4 in 
    (267 mm x 310 mm x 340 mm) 
    (with door close

  • LED-lit sample chamber: 
    4.9 in x 8.2 in x 7.0 in 
    (125 mm x 210 mm x 180 mm)
  • Analysis indicator light with 360∞ visibility
  • Portable - optional battery operation for mobile off-site use
  • USB interface port for high-speed data export and printing
  • Responsive, bright, color touch screen display
  • Silicon PIN Detector system standard. Silicon Drift 
    Detector system available for optimized precision and sensitivity.

The GoldXpert comes equipped with an integrated CMOS camera, which records sample images to memory along with analysis results for report generation. 

The X-ray beam collimation is utilized for measurement of small components and samples. A simple press of a button activates the 3-mm diameter collimation, and an on-screen indicator shows the operator exactly where the analysis spot is focused. Collimation can be easily reverted to a 10-mm diameter for standard bulk analysis.
Olympus Innov-X GoldXpert XRF jewelry analyzer with small spot collimation
GoldXpert XRF 18K (karat) screen shot
Within seconds, the GoldXpert nondestructively measures the composition of precious metal alloys, and for gold provides a precise karat determination. The GoldXpert is calibrated for more than 20 elements and is flexible enough to handle even the most complex alloy combinations. A simplified results display is also available - showing only the karat determination for cash-for-gold operations.

The GoldXpert is equipped with an articulating sample holder arm, for securing and oriented samples for analysis. The Sample Holder is ideal for small component and mixed-metal jewelry testing.
sample holder goldxpert xrf analyzer precious metals

In an economic environment where fast and accurate results are more important than ever, the GoldXpert XRF analyzer provides outstanding precision and accuracy. Olympus Innov-X analyzers give you the benefit and convenience of easy, on-the-spot analysis, so you can feel confident about the results for your gold and precious metal assets. The GoldXpert XRF analyzer is ideal for pawn shops, cash-for-gold operations, the jewelry industry, museums, archaeological sites, coin collectors, scrap recycling, and more.

Key applications include:

Gold (Au)  for testing purity and karatage

On-the-spot gold karat classification, 0-24 kt

Gold (Au) to be tested for purity and fineness of precious metal content

Identification of impurities

Platinum (Pt)  for testing and assaying of precious metal content

Accurate compositional analysis of platinum, silver, and other precious alloys

Scrap Gold (Au) to be sold as cash for scrap metal

Verification of gold content in scrap metal

Silver (Ag) coin

Determination of gold and silver content in coinage

Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) Identify and analyze unknown metals for pricing, and even lead screening

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