DELTA Precious Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer

DELTA Classic Handheld XRF Analyzer Testing Gold Jewelry

DELTA Precious Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers

The DELTA Precious Metals XRF Analyzer provides fast, accurate alloy chemistry and karat classification with one nondestructive, non intrusive test. Whether importing precious metals, selling or producing jewelry, or processing scrap metal, Innov-X XRF is the ideal choice.

The DELTA Line

Rugged, High Performance Handheld XRF

See and feel the DELTA difference. Our analyzers are compact and robust from probe to trigger to display, with sophisticated XRF technology that's better, faster, and more responsive. From initial boot-up to the final result, the DELTA is the optimum solution for all your analytical needs. The DELTA line gives you the ultimate experience in field-portable handheld XRF analysis, providing fast measurements with accuracy, precision, detection limit, and light element measurement capabilities built into a compact single-chassis frame wrapped in robust industrial-grade body casing.

Incorporating Everything You Need in Handheld XRF with State-of-the-Art Innovations--The DELTA Line from Olympus Innov-X.

  • Analysis indicator lights visible from 360°
  • Bright, responsive, color touch screen display
  • Accelerometer technology puts the unit into sleep mode when not in use to conserve power; logs impacts for tool management
  • USB interface port for high-speed data download and seamless PC control
  • Hot Swap: the rechargeable battery can be replaced without having to turn off or re-standardize the unit.
  • Integrated Bluetooth for data input and output
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle forenhanced grip
Delta Classic
  • 4 W X-ray tube, 200 µA current (max) plus optimized beam settings
  • Tight geometry for exceptional LODs and high analysis throughput
  • Large-Area SDD option and customized X-ray rube provide exceptional light-element sensitivity
  • Patent-pending automatic barometric pressure correction adjusts calibration as needed
  • Lightning-fast bootup and data acquisition: Faster testing, more results
  • Floating Point Processor: Provides more calculations in less time, and leverages more advanced calibration algorithms

Docking Station with Automatic Charging and Calibration Check

The unique DELTA Docking Station means not ever having to power down the analyzer. The station charges the analyzer battery and a spare, and performs periodic calibration checks. The analyzer can be removed at anytime for immediate testing.

  • Additional Battery Charger
  • DC Outlet
  • Power and Battery Indicator Lights
  • Connect to a PC for Data Management
  • USB Connector Port
Delta Handheld Analyzer on charging dock.

Performance You Can Count On

In an economic environment where fast AND accurate results are more important than ever, the DELTA Classic handheld XRF provides superior precision and accuracy.

While you benefit from the convenience of easy, on-the-spot analysis with an Olympus Innov-X Handheld XRF, you can feel confident about the results of your gold, and precious metal assets.

The DELTA Classic model for Precious Metals Analysis is referred to as DC-2000PM.

Screenshot of DELTA testing gold karat content - 20.45 Karat Screenshot of DELTA with 3 mm collimation on gold precious metal Screenshot of DELTA testing gold karat content - 8.54 Karat


  • Powerful 4W X-ray tube provides reliable and accurate performance for gold analysis
  • Speed - results within seconds
  • High level of precision and accuracy - reliable results
  • Completely non-destructive testing method
  • Easily measures on uneven surfaces
  • Automatic Karat determination
  • Large data storage capacity for future reference
  • Easy data export and reporting - generate immediate certification
  • Optional integrated camera and small spot collimation for focused analysis and sample image archiving

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