When you work with Innov-X Canada you are tapping into a powerful network of industry experts with global experience in a wide range of areas. These experts offer the XRF/XRD user a wide range of multi-tiered services and are committed to ensuring the overall success of your program. From application 
specialists, application development to world class consulting services Innov-X Canada can assist in any capacity from initial equipment and application evaluation to full project management. 

Innov-X Canada and Olympus have worked on thousands of applications and installations worldwide that provide us with extensive experience and an application data base to optimize your solution. Through this extensive experience we have the knowledge to complement and optimize your XRF/XRD testing program. Selecting the right equipment is the first step but most important is proper application, implementation and utilization. 

Innov-X Canada is committed to promoting the safe, responsible and effective utilization of XRF and XRD analytical equipment. To facilitate this Innov-X Canada offers a wide range of consulting services that include but are not limited to:

  • Radiation Safety Plans
  • Radiation Management
  • Safety Audits
  • Operator Certification Management
  • Regulatory Assistance and Support
  • XRF & XRD Needs Assessments
  • Equipment Recommendation Reviews 
  • Application Audits 
  • Project Overviews and Design 
  • Equipment Commissioning & Project Start Up 
  • XRF & XRD Data Audits
  • QA/QC Methodology Development
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development (SOP's)
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Management
  • XRF & XRD Equipment & Operators
  • Custom Equipment Calibration & Optimization
  • Project & Application Specific Limit of Detection Determinations
  • Equipment Fleet Management
  • Supply of XRF & XRD Ready CRM's & Standard Reference Materials
  • GPS & GIS Integration
  • International Assistance (Import/Export Services)
  • Sample Preperation Techniques and Optimization
Please contact Innov-X Canada to learn more.

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