Innov-X pioneered the x-ray tube based XRF analyzers. X-ray tubes have long been proven to be the most versatile, high performing excitation sources for XRF analysis. Innov-X harnessed that energy and integrated it with the rapidly evolving technology to introduce the first handheld, miniature x-ray tube-based XRF.

Innov-X also used the pioneering technology of X-ray tubes to expand the scope of equipment configurations beyond hand held XRF. Innov-X is and has always been the industry leader in innovation and technology of portable tube based XRF equipment with thousands of units in use worldwide.

The combination of application specialists at Innov-X Canada and Olympus Innov-X provides the world standard for application support and development. This team has completed thousands of installations and feasibility studies on the widest range of applications of XRF and XRD equipment worldwide. This has resulted in the most competent XRF and XRD team and the largest database of application information and experience that is readily available to address your XRF and XRD application requirements.

Innov-X Canada has application support personnel strategically located across Canada and Alaska to meet and address your local needs and can draw on our global presence to meet any requirement or need regardless of location.

In most cases we have the ability to test your samples and provide you with a feedback to define your application at your facility prior to procurement.

In certain circumstances Innov-X will re-engineer equipment, software and performance to customize a solution for your application.

No other XRF manufacturer can provide the scope of equipment configurations and application support that competes with Innov-X solution.

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